Tuesday, March 16

Learning on your own is hard!

mama & anabella
I enjoy taking pictures of children, I always have. I am finally trying to learn the skills I need to take the photos I imagine in my head and it's so heard to learn all this on your own. This is the first mother/baby photography I took a few months ago. I was all set up...lighting, backround and props. It was a gift for the mother who is a friend. I should have emphasized to her to make sure her hair was styled and that the baby was well fed. I still got some great shots but it was more difficult than I anticipated.
Thanks to wonderful blogs like "The Savvy Photographer" thesavvyphotographer.blogspot.com I am learning so much to improve my photography. It has been hard to be on my own but with help like this, I can already see so much improvement. I can't wait to post the newborn shoot of my first grandchild so everyone else can see my improvement!


  1. I know what you mean, it can be tough starting out! No ones knows that better than me, I am too trying to branch my photography out! Just know you have support in your community :) Cheers, and great photo!!

  2. It is hard but with tons of practice and knowledge you will learn and before you know it you'll have been doing this for years. Wish you the best. Thanks for the blog love.