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Wednesday, January 7

Free Floral Calendar by the Month!

Flowers in the garden in January are hard to come by so I picked a pretty bouquet photograph to make a calendar for my bedroom.  I like this idea, I like seeing something cheerful when I wake up next to my alarm clock.  I often forget about fresh flowers since I don't go back to my bedroom til bed time.

I am living by calendars and lists this year so I can be more productive.  I have lots of goals and things to accomplish, how about you?  We all have our organizers, pocket calendars or apps to keep us up to date but a I thought a pretty reminder that time passes quickly and we need to keep track for those odd places we need to know the date was in order.  So I decided to give my blog readers a 5x7 calendar month for free to download and print on card stock.  Hang it on your fridge, tuck it into your list making notebook, tape it to your bathroom mirror.  You can place it on a small plate stand or easel to stand it up on your desk.  Every month there will be a new calendar with pretty flowers to enjoy and remind you to get out there before the month passes and smell some real ones!

To download this calendar page go here and use the code 2170 to download your calendar.

Now that I've had so much fun planning my year, wait til you see how I've been decorating my office and getting things done!  I'm kind of liking this planning for the future and accomplishing my goals!


Wednesday, January 1

An Organized Life...

We all start out with lots of ideas, we clean out our desk and our closets usually to be sidetracked by photographs and letters, maybe an idea to write down or a forgotten bill.  We find things we bought still wearing their tags, still new.

Because I was very sick last year and a close friend recently died after a long and happy life, it made me realize how quickly time was going by and how some things just aren't that important.  As I was sitting in the doctor's office I read an article in Time magazine called "The Art of Living".  I realized I couldn't neglect my creative dreams any longer.  As I've gotten healthier I spend a bit of time every day cleaning and organizing, purging myself of the junk for a more stylish and productive life.

I got to the Pinterest idea of a chalkboard in an old frame.  I found a place for the funky twig tea cake stand to hold my chalk and flash drives as well as the cell phone I usually misplace.  I wrote out my goals and pinned them to my pretty gold framed cork board I dug out of the garage and I have a mason jar from my daughter's wedding to start throwing change in.

The computer is getting a clean out as well and it's feeling great to get to the things that are more important.  Big things are in store for this year and I am making the space for my priorities and dreams to become reality!

Did you notice how tiny my desk is?  I found that I am less likely to fill it with junk if it's small.

Monday, September 23