Sunday, May 9

Inspired by Paris...Thanks to the blogs!

bedroom sitting spot 
When I want to get away...I take a bubble bath, put on something pretty and comfortable and with a glass of wine I go online to my favorite blogs that show me pretty places and interesting people.  My first favorite blog was
How I love that blog!  I love the interiors, the flowers, the pretty things she shows.  I love french style and after looking at the pretty rooms, I get inspired to move things around, repaint...redo.  I rearranged my bedroom with the frenchiest things I had after spending an afternoon catching up on all that I missed when I discovered Claudia and her beautiful blog. 
Another blog I found through the Paris Apartment is
What beautiful things can be found in that blog...the colors shown are so beautiful.  The photos make me happy to see that there is such beauty in the world.  I like how the blogs will also show you a a pretty chandelier or a delightful little tchotchke to inspire.  I look around and think about the things I have found at estate sales like my wall candelabra.  I painted it silver to go with the things in my bedroom and I just love it although I would be afraid to actually put candles in it and burn my house down. plate rack for my jeweled treats 

I also had a cute idea for storing jewelry that is a very popular photo on my flickr site.  Of course, if Target would stop getting in such great jewelry at wonderful prices then it would all actually fit!  I am also inspired by the colors and inspiration boards on
They show a modern slant on design and I just love that vibe as well as the beautiful fashions they show.  My bedroom has become the peaceful place I need it to be because of blogs like these!
Romancing the home
Of course, there are always projects. I have an big french pine armoire that once held a television and I finally got that thing out of the bedroom. Now I want to restyle the interior for another use so when I open the doors I am excited to see what treasures I have stashed away.  
view from bed, television cabinet
What does Paris have in store for me? What blogs inspire you?

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