Wednesday, March 2

A Shabby Chic Inspired Wedding...IN 4 DAYS!

lensbaby husband and wife
My children and their friends are at that marriageable age and that means lots of wedding talk, wedding planning and weddings to go to.  I often use my design/party planning experience with my good friends to help with details, food...whatever is needed.  I have often been called on for supplies at the last minute but never for helping to put together a wedding for 80 in JUST 4 DAYS!
signintable typewriter caketable
You heard that right...4 days.  For whatever reason, my friends son and his sweet fiance found the tedious planning and waiting not worth the time and shortened their engagement from a little over 2 months to just a few days.  This meant that the groom had to get their little foreclosure purchase of a honeymoon cottage inhabitable in 4 days, we had to clean up my friends house and garden in 4 days and the details of a ceremony and reception had to be finalized in 4 days as well as figure out how to include the grooms sister who happened to be in Australia for a long planned visit with friends.  Two very accommodating and giving mothers called in the troops and everyone rallied to help them give their kids a wonderful, memorable wedding day, the biggest gift they could give them EVER!  (Okay, maybe a kidney would be bigger.)

To say this was a crazy busy week would be an understatement, to say the task was daunting would be simplifying things, to say it was impossible was WRONG!  We actually DID IT!  Not only was it done but it ended up to be a pretty little wedding, the groom's sister was accomodated by her lifelong good friend (my daughter Samantha) via an Iphone and Skype in the hands of her beloved boyfriend with a good view from his seat.
These photographs were done for our own personal memories of a week that culminated on a pretty day in January that can only be had in California's "fake spring" in winter.  There was a professional photographer there so we could just play around with our new Lensbaby, take photographs of the pretty decor we helped set up and arrange and enjoy the party.
By the time they got their kiss, the sun was setting...awww!
Samantha did take their engagement photographs which you can see on her website ( but the stop motion video must be seen because it is just so cute
See the whole video at

Now the question is, who will be next?  You can bet that whoever it may be will not beat the 4 day wedding planning record!

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