Sunday, April 29

Welcome to My Spring Garden!

I love spring and I wish I could be more prepared with planting seeds in fall for sweet peas and other favorites but my garden surprises me every year with beautiful blossoms from Bearded Iris to Acanthus.  It is a mediterranean style cottage garden, overflowing with drought tolerant plantings and accents.  Here is how it looked after the off and on again rains this past month after it got weeded (finally!).
I have a few projects this year but I better get to them before the heat of summer!  I hope I have time to plant a couple succulent topiaries and fill a couple pots.  I'd also like to hang a candle chandelier from the tree over the porch and a birdbath in one of the planting beds.  If I don't trim the olive shrubs they will overtake the garden soon!  I hope your garden is just as lovely!  

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