Friday, July 15

The Date & The Guest List...oy vey!

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We all knew the engagement was getting close and the bit o' drama from the bride's sisters on things moving along too quickly played into date availability.  Sydney's sister got married in July so that month was out, my 35th anniversary is in September and my hubby's annual sales meeting business trip is that month as well so forget September.  The fall was set aside for the youngest anticipated nuptials so the wedding pretty much had to be in August.  Well, it could have been in winter but we all knew they couldn't wait that long to be together every minute of the hour of the day.  Let's see how that goes after a few years.  

I went over the calendar ahead of time so about 10 seconds after she said "YES!", I asked if August was okay and they both said fine.  So with a 2 month engagement and a limited budget we were on our way!  That sounds like no time (and definitely no money) but if you read one of my previous posts, you know that I can do it in 4 days with enough help!  The hard part is WHERE?  A major consideration on where is to have an idea of HOW MANY!

We live in an area that gets hot in summer, and when I say hot...I mean HOT! 

So air conditioning became important, especially when the grooms guests were coming from a temperate beach community.  We had to have the wedding in Hemet because of all the elderly family and friends that would be coming...weird fact about Hemet as well - no one goes out of town much and they freak out if they have to.  There are not too many places in Hemet for a reception with air conditioning unless you count the varied mobile home park clubhouses.  There is no way that was going to happen according to all the girls that grew up in our household.  So that left the library and the new museum.  The library is nice but has no personality.  The museum is better although their venue could have been better positioned and had no kitchen available.  It is shiny new and very modern with great views in the piazza but who wants the piazza in August.  

Sydney did.  It's her dream venue.

Rats!  The museum events coordinator gave us a great deal so we all agreed that if we have a late wedding, all would be fine.  Except that the elderly we wanted to come would be ready for bed by the time the reception starts.  Oy vey...
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