Wednesday, July 20

Invitations and Ideas...oh yes, that guest list.

So we have a date, we've picked out a venue now it's time to figure out the details.  In the beginning the bride and groom told us we would have 150 guests...175...200...225...well we need a number and that budget isn't going up just because more people are coming.  Your friends can love you but they aren' t driving an hour and a half away from the balmy sea air to hel...(hello there, it's Hemet) just for cake and punch.
I understand how hard it can be since the groom is no spring chicken and grew up in one spot as well as his ministry in Kansas, then the bride has lived in Mexico to help as a bible teacher for the english speaking expats as well as in Spanish in Ecuador, she also lived in New Orleans as a volunteer in mold remediation for Hurricane Katrina relief work.  They both love people and people love them back.  But that translates into more guests than we could possibly handle so we had to limit the guest list to those who have been intimately involved in their lives.  279.  really.  To those who will still be disappointed that we could not invite them, we are so sorry, as it is...we are hoping that there are 29 that are unable to attend.  Oh, but I also had to feed the photographer, the DJ...just trying to count on an even number for the catering.
She liked the graphic orange square invitation.
Since this is a short engagement, invitations have to go out ASAP!  My daughter saw an invitation she liked in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  She has chosen her colors as raspberry and orange along with the gray the groom prefers.  We adapted the invitation to save on postage (which adds up when you send the more expensive square invitations).  The venue is modern, the invitation is modern...we have a theme going.  Now we need IDEAS!  A DRESS!  FOOD!  A PHOTOGRAPHER!  DATES SET for showers and parties!

My oldest daughter assigns herself as the budget watcher and detail checker.  Did I mention she is about to give birth to her second child?  Yes, a new grandbaby is due right smack in the middle of this engagement and wedding planning.  ARE WE CRAZY!


We are also giddy with excitement, lots of picture taking for sure.

Since the bride has moved away from home and lives some distance away now, we will gather ideas on our new favorite website PINTEREST!  We can all pin on her wedding board and check it even on our Iphones!  How much do we love Pinterest and you will too.  Go check it out NOW!...okay not right this minute but as soon as we are done.


Next:  Photographers Pick Out a Photographer (and what will she wear that costs less than a months coffee habit)

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