Wednesday, January 4

It's a new year!

And I am in a new stage of my life...NO KIDS AT HOME!  Last year was a whirlwind of weddings.  2 of my own girls got married (thought I could blog their weddings as it was happening...get real!) and I helped 2 friends with their weddings.  My widowed sister moved in then out to find some adventure in Sausalito then moved back again to create a lovely garrett apartment and rooftop studio for her painting.  Oh, and I had a beautiful grandson, a brother for Dominic so now I have 2 little boys to love and teach and take photographs of their adventures.  

Meeting their new BFF for life - brothers!

After all that I spent the last week in December sleeping.  I think I slept 2 days straight in that week of slumber!  Now I look around at the things that I let go in the last year.  Like the pile of junk that the garage threw up in the back when it got too full.  I need new curtains and to repaint the livingroom and stairwell!  Oh, my beautiful garden has completely become overgrown and an underground rodent has killed one of my apple trees!

3-365 January Orchard  

I have so many projects ahead of me.  I also started a photograph a day for a year goal.  Mostly to keep me on track with all my projects including the portrait photography business with my daughter...   I am hoping to use my garage as a studio.  I've already started on organizing all my craftiness and business supplies.  I dusted off my sewing machine and figured out how to thread it again!  

Most importantly I am going to make a concerted effort to improve my spirituality based on bible history & knowledge.  I am hoping  to include different bible translations in my regular bible reading.  I am going to keep a journal on what I learn and what I can apply for myself.  But that's a personal thing and I would never impose that on my blog visitors.

grandma reads to the baby

Of course I will keep cooking.  I will show off my girls decorating skills as they live as married women...maybe even show some photos of their beautiful weddings.  I also would like to feature interesting things this site that is going to become an online Magazine (and oh, how I love magazines!).  Parisienne Farmgirl is creating a new French Country/Paris inspired magazine.  Ooh La La, I am a happy woman!  Go to her blog now and become a happy woman too!  Like her on Facebook!  (While you're at it, please "like" my photography business Vintage Modern Photography.)  

Til next time...Virginia Smith

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